Hisense Alkyd Primer Paint Eco Grade

Primer Paint Types :

Primer is a preliminary coating that is applied to the desired surface before applying the main paint. This layer causes better adhesion of paint on the surface, excellent coverage, long durability, and better protection against possible damages.
The use of primer is necessary for painting surfaces that are not water resistant, dirty surfaces that can’t be cleaned, and porous surfaces such as concrete and wood.
Primer Paint for Porous Surfaces
Primer paint has two types; Water-based and solvent-based. 
Water-based primer is environmentally friendly and odorless, such as acrylic and latex primer. Solvent-based primer, like alkyd primer, has stronger adhesion.
For a better conclusion, one should be very careful in choosing the primer suitable for the material of the desired surface and its porosity. You can contact the experts of Aref Chemical for consultation in this regard.

Alkyd Primer Paint :

It is an air-dry oil-based paint and can also be used in painting metal structures, in addition to the general use of oil primer.
This product has special physical and mechanical properties and does not contain any harmful pigments such as lead and chromate compounds.
Exterior alkyd primer prepares the surface for painting. The reasonable price and high variety of paints have made Hisense the most popular choice for the initial and final coating of metal surfaces, especially metal frames, and sheds.
Metal structures that exist around us, such as doors and windows, if not protected by appropriate coatings will rust and lose efficiency after a short period of time. This product can prevent metal rust and damage. 
This type of paint has high coverage and significant impermeability, and it also exhibits unique durability and stability in the outdoor air and repels the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Aref Chemical offers Hisense alkyd primer in an eco-grade version in order to reduce the costs of consumers.

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    In 6 Colors

    • Green RAL 6003
    • Caterpillar yellow RAL 1003
    • Blue RAL 5005
    • Gray RAL 7045
    • Black
    • White

    The row material of the primer paint causes to make the desired surface uniformly. Therefore, it is not necessary to paint multiple layers of primer on surfaces with less roughness.

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      Good Job

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      What is Eco grade? Is it low quality?

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      What is the meaning of RAL you write in description?

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        The colors were classified with a specific code and categorized, and these codes are called RAL

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