Hisense Semi Plastic Paint

Semi-Plastic Paint

Semi-plastic paint produced by Aref Chemical under the Hisense brand is available to you, dear customers, in two types: semi-plastic and semi-plastic eco-grade.
All our products are offered with the highest quality and exceptional prices in the market.

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The difference between plastic paint and semi plastic paint

Plastic paint is water-based and was one of the first types of paint whose use dates back to very distant times in history. According to studies, water-based paints have been used for painting walls and other things since the time of the cavemen until the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Today and over time, the use of plastic colors has become much wider. With the advancement of technology, these paints are made using microscopic plastic particles of glue, putty, and pigment that dissolve in water. But after drying, plastic paints become almost waterproof.

Considering the human need for more resistant colors, researchers have achieved a new formulation based on polyvinyl acetate copolymer resin. This type of new paint is called semi-plastic paint.

Compared to semi-plastic paint, plastic paint does not have a good resistance to moisture and high stability. Also, semi-plastic paint is more resistant to scratches and roughness than plastic.

Plastic colors are very similar to acrylic colors in terms of quality and are considered high-quality colors. Semi-plastic paint has a more reasonable price and is better found in the market.

Hisense semi-plastic master paint in 8 colors such as green, yellow, red, blue, yellow iron oxide, brown, black, and white, is produced by Aref Chemical.

The difference between acrylic and oil paint?

Acrylic and oil paint have several differences. One of the biggest differences is their drying time. Acrylic paints dry quickly, while oil ones dry slowly and can take days before the pigment fully sets.

Also, acrylic paints are water-based, while oil paints are oil-based, making them very slow to dry and often toxic.

Acrylic and oil painting require different cleaning and care methods for your brushes since acrylic is water-based and oils have an oil base.

Acrylic comes in a full range of consistencies from pourable liquids to heavy-bodied paints that have a thick paste-like texture, while oil paint is generally thicker.

Semi Plastic Paint Advantages:

Semi plastic paint has high safety and does not pose a risk to human health and the environment. Also, this paint has little smell and is easy to clean. You can use a little soap and water to clean it.

We briefly mention some of the advantages of semi plastic paint below:

  • No need to prepare surfaces before painting
  • No mold growth on painted surfaces
  • Non-emission of toxic substances
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Quick drying
  • Flexible and resistant to cracking
  • Can be used on all levels
  • Durability and stability over time
  • Resistant to sunlight


Hisense plastic paint is suitable for the surface not to crack while covering.

Which one is suitable for you?

Depending on:

  • What surface do you want to paint?
  • How fast drying is important to you?
  • Whether you are a beginner or advanced?
  • How much do you want to spend?

You can choose between the characteristics of construction paints such as oil, plastic, and acrylic paints. But keep in mind that in addition to the quality of the paint, the method of execution also affects the final result.

Plastic paint usually dries very quickly, which is considered one of its merits

How to use semi plastic paint?

It is better to store these paints in dry environments at a temperature between 5-30 Celsius and not in the vicinity of temperature changes to prevent the formation of water droplets in them.

Semi plastic paint is usually used in the range of 8-10 Celsius and with a maximum humidity of 80% in the air, which neglecting this point can damage the paint. It usually dries very quickly, which is considered one of its merits, but sometimes this feature can be aesthetically problematic when using a brush or roller.

To solve this problem, you can dilute semi-plastic paint with suitable solvents (such as water) or the brush and roller can be used on the surface without interruption. It is recommended to apply it in one step and minimize the use of the second and third layers of paint.


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    Hisense Semi Plastic Paint In 8 Colors

    Hisense semi-plastic paint in green, yellow, red, blue, yellow iron oxide, brown, black, and white, is produced by Aref Chemical. It has high painting ability and is used to tint plastic paint and semi-plastic paints of your choice.

    Also, Hisense semi-plastic paints are used on plaster, cement, wood, and concrete surfaces. These paints are produced in half-a-kilo and one-kilo packages.

    It is produced based on polyvinyl acetate resin and using high-quality pigments. So it dries quickly and has high coverage on surfaces.

    This product is suitable for customers who want the surface not to crack while covering.

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        Plastic Paints are very similar to Acrylic Paints in terms of quality and are considered high-quality paints.

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      Semi-plastic paint is a type of paint that has a higher viscosity or thickness than traditional paint. It is a blend of emulsion and plastic. The use of plastic in the formulation gives the paint a stronger, more flexible and durable finish than traditional paints. It is also known for its good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including wood, metal, brick, and concrete. Semi-plastic paint is commonly used on exterior surfaces such as masonry, stucco, and concrete, as well as on interior surfaces such as plaster, drywall, and wood. Its benefits include resistance to cracking and peeling, as well as its ability to provide a smooth, even finish. However, due to its thicker consistency, it may need additional tools like paint spray gun or roller to apply.

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        When it comes to painting the exterior walls of a building, there are various types of paints available in the market. One of the options available is semi-plastic paint, which has been gaining popularity in recent years.
        While there are several types of paints available for exterior walls, semi-plastic paint can be an ideal option for building facades in tropical environments. As mentioned in one source, buildings in tropical areas are particularly impacted by high humidity and require regular maintenance.

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