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What is alkyd paint?

Alkyd primer is an air dry oil-based paint. Alkyd paints are made using alkyd resins. Alkyds are the resin or adhesive components of most commercial oil-based coatings.

In fact, alkyd is a polyester that has been modified by adding fatty acids with other compounds.

 This product has special physical and mechanical properties and does not contain any harmful pigments such as lead and chromate compounds.


This type of color has characteristics that distinguish it from other colors. Among the attributes of alkyd paint, the following can be mentioned:

  • Decent shine
  • Stability and durability of shining
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions and moisture
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Resistant to acidic environments
  • Insensitivity to surface cleanliness

Despite the unique characteristics of alkyd paints, their use is not recommended in any way in environments with oxidizing substances and alkaline substances.

Since alkyd paints use chemical solvents, these paints emit volatile organic compounds that are toxic. Exposure to these compounds can cause respiratory disorders, nausea, and headache.


Alkyd primer types and applications in building industries



There are different categories for alkyd paint. The most important classification is based on the percentage of oil used in these colors, which is called oil length. 

According to the German standard, these paints are divided into three main groups:

1- Long oil alkyd paint:

This type of paint contains a high percentage of drying oil and is sold as a coating with a medium concentration in the consumer market.

2- Medium oil alkyd paint:

less drying oil and a higher percentage of high molecular weight polyester chains are used in this paint. This type of paint dries more slowly and is used as a high-gloss finish as well as a wood finish.

3- Short oil alkyd paint:

In short oil alkyds, the percentage of drying oil is very low compared to the polyester base polymer or the main chain. These coatings are not air dry and do not harden until they are heated.

Short oil alkyds are used as firing glazes for polished metal products with amino or formaldehyde-based resins.


Exterior this primer prepares the surface for painting. The reasonable price and wide variety of colors have made Hisense alkyd primer paint the most popular choice for the initial and final coating of metal surfaces, especially metal frames and sheds.

Alkyd primer paint can also be used in painting metal structures, in addition to the general use of oil primer paints.

In the manufacture of this primer, which is based on long oil alkyd resins and is one of the most practical types of primer paints in the market, iron oxide anti-corrosion pigments are used to prevent the corrosion process.

Metal structures around us, such as doors and windows, if not protected by appropriate coatings, will rust and lose efficiency after a short period.

Alkyd primer or oil primer paint, which is also known as alkyd anti-rust, is used to cover these surfaces and protect them against corrosion factors. It will work very well for minor stains.

This type of primer has high coverage and significant impermeability, and it also exhibits unique durability and stability in the outdoor air and repels the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


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    Hisense Alkyd Primer

    This paint is available in green (RAL code 6003), caterpillar yellow (RAL code 1003), blue (RAL code 5005), gray (RAL code 7045), black, and white colors. These are very shiny and there is a very strong resin in their composition.

    The resistance of acrylic-alkyd primer paints to damage has made their use popular in high-traffic environments such as corridors. At the same time, this product is also resistant to moisture and water penetration.

    Features and properties of Hisense alkyd primer:

    • Quick drying
    • Suitable weather resistance
    • Physical and mechanical quality
    • High flexibility
    • Easy to use
    • Usable with all types of painting equipment


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    1. Hesam

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    5. Sami

      Alkyd primer is a type of oil-based primer that is used as a basecoat before painting. It is made up of alkyd resin, which is a synthetic resin that is made by combining an acid with an alcohol. Alkyd primer is known to have excellent adhesion to bare metal, wood, and other substrates. It is commonly used in the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors due to its durability and resistance to corrosion. Alkyd primer is also known for its quick drying time, and it can be sanded easily to create a smooth surface for painting.

    6. Michel

      Is it really oil based? so can we wash it on wall for example?

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        Yes, Hisense Alkyd Primer Paint is an oil-based product.

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      Do you mean alkyd paint is oil paint?

      • arefen_administrator2

        When it comes to choosing the right type of paint, there can be some confusion regarding alkyd and oil paints.
        Many artists wonder if alkyd paint is a type of oil paint. The answer is somewhat complicated, as alkyd paints are indeed oil-based but differ from traditional oil paints due to their chemical composition.

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