Cheetah glue White Transparent Logo min size
Aref Chemical Corporation white transparent English logo min size
Hisense Paint and Paste White Transparent Logo minimum size
Tooti Wood adhesive White Transparent Logo Produced in Aref Chemical Corporation

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Aref Chemical paints are like the beauty of nature, a herbal roll on the wall in a hand
Circle 3D Particle Purple
3D Yellow or gold Circle
A White Circle
Some Dots Transparent White
Some Dots Transparent White
Aref red semi plastic master paint, A hand drops a can of paint on the ground and it turns into a rose
Brush Cover with Purple nature- Aref Paint


Competitors Introduce Us After Themselves.

Aref Chemical does not compete, creates competition

we hope that by taking advantage of past experiences and using industry, knowledge, and new thinking, we will continue to serve our dear customers with quality products.

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In 2015, with the change of the company's directors and managers, fundamental changes were made in the company's approach, and product development, active and effective communication with customers, regaining market share, and research and development were always on the agenda.
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Dots Group Transparent
Dots Group Transparent