Aref Semi Plastic Master Paint

In 8 Colors

Master Paint is used in making various mixed ranks. In many cases, it is necessary to use a special color spectrum in building painting, which is not available in the market for purchase and must be made manually.

Plastic paints are usually sold in the market as white. With master paint, we can create a wide range of colors with high diversity. 

The structure of plastic paint is an emulsion and its main ingredient is latex. It contains microscopic plastic particles of glue, putty, and pigment that dissolve in water.

Plastic paint should be kept at a temperature of 5 to 35 degrees in a closed container and away from moisture and direct sunlight in a normal temperature range.

The most important advantages of Aref semi-plastic master paint are:

  • The speed of work and impressive coverage
  • Resistance to mold
  • Resistance to weather conditions, shock, and stain-resistant technology
  • Excellent durability and adhesion
  • No harmful environmental effects
  • Friendly to your health.


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    Aref Master Paint

    Aref semi-plastic master paint in green, yellow, red, blue, mash mud, brown, black, and white, is produced by Aref Chemical Industries Company and has high painting ability and is used to tint plastic and semi-plastic paints of your choice.

    Also, Aref semi-plastic paints are used on plaster, cement, and concrete surfaces. These paints are produced in half-a-kilo and one-kilo packages.

    Aref paint is produced on the basis of polyvinyl acetate resin and uses high-quality pigments. So it dries quickly and has high coverage on surfaces. Follow Aref Chemical on Instagram.

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    1. Abu Riadh

      What do you mean master paint?

    2. fred

      Do you have plastic paint too?

    3. Michel

      please describe more about aref master paints

      • arefen_administrator2

        We send you other explain by email

    4. Azina

      what is master paint?

      • arefen_administrator2

        The master paint is actually a paint that you can achieve your desired paint by adding a small amount of it to the base paint

    5. Andrew

      I used Aref Yellow and Red Master Paint. very good coverage

    6. Michel

      I bought this. the yellow one. It has very high coverage and quality. thank you

      • arefen_administrator2

        you are wlcome

    7. tony

      I can’t understand what do you mean of master paint

      • arefen_administrator2

        Master Paint has become a household name in the world of paints and coatings. Renowned for its quality, durability, and diverse range of colors, Master Paint is a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. One frequent question people have is whether Master Paint can be used to color white paint.

    8. Angelina

      What do you mean by master paint?

      • arefen_administrator2

        master paint is used for dyeing white paint and making various colors

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