Hisense Paint White Semi-Plastic Eco Grade

Hisense Paint, Quality and Affordable

Hisense semi-plastic paint is water-based. It is made on the basis of copolymer vinyl. On the other hand, deionized water (light water) and sodium tripolyphosphate are needed to produce Hisense paint.
The presence of sodium tripolyphosphate plays an important role in the structure of this paint because it removes excess ions and lightens the water.
Other important ingredients in the structure of this type of paint include polyphosphates, cellulose thickener, anti-mold, and anti-foam.
In general, semi-plastic paints show little resistance to water and cannot be washed.
Also, the amount required to combine this type of Hisense paint with water depends to a large extent on the environment and weather conditions of the region.

Hisense paint and paste makes your life full of colors. A library room with yellow Hisense semi-plastic paint

Hisense semi-plastic is used for all types of plaster, cement, brick, putty, and wood surfaces. 
It is true that semi-plastic paints can be used on the wall, but due to the lack of gloss and lack of water resistance, they are used less on the main wall and more on the ceiling.
In fact, Hisense semi-plastic is mostly used for the final paint inside the building.
Economic semi-plastic paints are among the most affordable paints in the market. The price of this model of paint is very low compared to oil and acrylic.
As a result, buying Hisense paint is considered a better choice for people who constantly change the color of their homes.
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    Hisense White Semi-Plastic Paint Eco Grade

    Hisense White Semi Plastic Paint Eco Grade in white color is produced by Aref Chemical and has high painting ability.
    Also, Hisense White Semi Plastic Paint Eco quality is used on plaster, cement, and concrete surfaces. This paint is produced in 4.5 and 12.5 liters packages.
    Hisense Semi-Plastic Paint White Eco Grade is produced on the basis of polyvinyl acetate resin and using high-quality pigments. So it dries quickly and has high coverage on surfaces.

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    1. Ali

      Can we wash Hisense paint? exactly I mean it’s semi0plastic paints

      • arefen_administrator2

        please contact us. Our experts will guide you in detail

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