what is anti-rust? everything about anti corrosion paint

What is Anti-Rust? Types and Applications

What is Anti-rust?

Anti-rust is a type of paint or coating that protects iron and steel from corrosion. These paints usually contain various components that are specifically resistant to environmental elements such as moisture, air, acids, or bases.

Anti-rust is mainly used in fields such as metal industries, construction, automotive, industrial equipment, and household items. The use of stainless steel (steel) is not economical in many industries due to its very high price. So, they use all kinds of chemical anti-rust coatings to prevent corrosion and rotting of steel as an effective material.

These paints often contain metal pigments and other additives that help to create a protective coating against iron oxidation on the surfaces. The process of applying these coatings can be different depending on the surface and desired, but in general, it includes cleaning and plastering the surface before applying the stainless paint.

It is important to note that although anti-rust paint can create a metallic appearance, it does not have the same physical properties as true stainless steel. Therefore, it may not have the level of durability, corrosion resistance, or other performance characteristics associated with authentic stainless steel.

anti-rust application and uses in different industries

Anti-rust ingredients:

The composition of an excellent anti-rust coating should generally have characteristics such as high surface adhesion, color durability, and most importantly, resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. Below are some of these compounds:

  1. Pigments: Colored particles or pigments usually include metal particles such as nickel, chrome, or aluminum metals and apply the desired color to our coating.
  2. Resins: The part of the paint that sticks to the surface after drying and increases the durability of the paint are resins. There are different types of resin such as epoxy, polyester, and polyamide.
  3. Solvents: Solvents are used to maintain and uniformly combine the resin and pigments in the product. Also, solvents evaporate quickly after the paint is applied to the surface, helping the paint to dry quickly.
  4. Anti-corrosive additives: Some compounds such as phosphates, chromates, or protective resins containing chromium or zinc that increase corrosion resistance are used in anti-rusts.
  5. Additives: fillers, impregnating agents, and anti-foaming agents are also added as additives to stainless paint compounds.

anti-rust types and their materials

Anti-rust types:

The types of stainless coating may be different according to the type of use, environment, and desired technical characteristics. Some of the types of stainless paints are:

  • Epoxy Paints:

This type of paint is made on the basis of epoxy resin and is resistant to corrosion and rust. This type of paint is usually used in industrial environments and can protect the target surface well against chemicals and mechanical pressure.

This type of paint is based on polyurethane resin and some of its characteristics are resistance to sunlight, resistance to rust, and resistance to chemicals. These colors are usually used in the interior and exterior decoration of the building.

  • Coil Coatings:

This type of paint is suitable for covering metals such as steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. This cover consists of different technologies such as polyester, polyurethane, or fluoropolymer.

  • Stainless spray paint:

These types of paints are mainly used for quick coverage and small surfaces. They may come in different forms such as metallic colors or stainless colors.

  • Stainless powder coating:

This type of anti-rust is presented in the form of powder and after spreading on the surface, they are fixed by heat. They usually offer high resistance to corrosion and environmental conditions.

Each of these types of colors may be suitable for certain applications, and choosing the right type depends on the specific needs of the project and environmental conditions.

The most popular anti-rust:

Choosing the color of the anti-rust cover depends on your taste. But the place used and the final cover of Shamaf’s work will have a great impact on its selection. In Iran, red or ocher stainless is more popular. Below we mention a number of anti-rust agents in terms of their color:

  • Metallic: Rust-proof colors with a metallic effect, such as steel or aluminum, usually have a lot of appeal and are very popular for interior and exterior decoration.
  • White: This color is chosen as a classic and clean option in many cases of stainless steel. This color helps to clean and brighten rooms and surfaces.
  • Black: It is popular as a stylish and modern color in interior and exterior decoration. Also, anti-corrosion coatings with this color are used in many household products and equipment.
  • Gray: Gray stainless paint is used as a neutral background color in decoration and has good harmony with other colors.
  • Red: Ocher anti-rust looks very warm and pleasant in some environments and is usually used under metal frames and iron doors and windows.


Aref Chemical, a provider of red and gray anti-rust products under the Aref brand, is one of the largest producers of this product in Iran. Also, the products of this company are exported to many countries of the world. For information on the latest prices and partial orders, you can contact us through Aref Chemical’s Instagram page or our website.

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