Hisense Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 70%

Contains Anti-Corrosion Pigments

Zinc-rich epoxy primer is one of the most important products used in various industries. It is used as an anti-rust paint. The high popularity of this primer paint is the standard coating it creates on the surfaces. 

This primer is based on zinc powder, epoxy resin, and polyamide catalysts.

A very high percentage of zinc powder injected into the structure of this primer during production leads to an extraordinary increase in its resistance to corrosion and rust caused by the effects of destructive atmospheric factors, salt, fresh water, humidity, and chemicals. 

Therefore, the use of Hisense zinc-rich epoxy primer 70% increases their resistance and, as a result, their durability and longevity.


Zinc-rich epoxy primer is primarily used on bare steel and is recommended on other such products as well. This product helps us to create adhesion on metals and use them as a suitable base for underlayment.

Zinc-rich epoxy has special anti-corrosion properties, which are mainly caused by the electrochemical mutual effects of zinc pigment and steel (iron) surfaces.

This liner, as a quality product from Hisense, has the ability to be used in air, marine, and land devices.

It is used in covering the surfaces of cars, ships, and aircraft, especially in industrial and military environments, which is actually a source of Chemical substances and destructive rays due to laser technologies and war tools and is used as an intermediate or final layer.

Structural and Functional:

  1. As an extremely strong coating against corrosion and rust
  2. It has high resistance to water, moisture, oxidation, and foggy air due to the presence of a high percentage of zinc metal powder in its structure.
  3. Very strong adhesion as an intermediate or final layer
  4. Very resistant to acidic and alkaline chemicals
  5. Highly compatible with many industrial coatings
  6. It has mechanical resistance and high flexibility against cracks, wear, and scratches
  7. As an impermeable layer against salty and fresh waters containing mineral salts
  8. It has a suitable wholesale price with high stability by Hisense

Buying Zinc rich epoxy primer from Aref Chemical, in addition to many advantages in terms of quality and performance, has a reasonable price and saves you from paying additional costs related to the purchase of low-quality anti-rust paint products.

Epoxy Paints and Ordinary Paints Differences:

Epoxy paints have many differences from ordinary paints, for example, they have more adhesion and durability on concrete surfaces. Ordinary paints are generally flaky and disappear quickly due to their poor coverage. 

Also, because of their high flexibility, epoxies can last against many environmental factors.

Zinc-rich epoxy primer is used as a suitable coating in industrial equipment and structures such as fuel and water transmission line pipes, fuel or water tanks, heating systems, compressors, turbines, electric energy generators, and transformers.

Its uses include:

  • Drilling platforms and facilities
  • Installations and equipment in contact with moisture
  • External parts of storage tanks
  • Refineries, power plants, and chemical factories
  • Coastal and offshore metal structures and facilities
  • Metal structures, pipes, bridges, and marine facilities
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    Hisense Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 70%

    It has the general properties of epoxy coatings such as excellent adhesion, durability, hardness, and protective properties.

    Due to the presence of anti-corrosion pigment in the composition of the coating, this primer effectively protects the surface from corrosion even if the layer is damaged.

    This primer is used to protect surfaces that are in harsh weather conditions, which can be covered with a wide range of middle and top coating systems.

    Zinc-rich epoxy primer is flammable, so it should be kept in a closed and sealed container and away from moisture, fire, a strong current of electricity, and combustible materials.

    It is recommended to use the contents of the container as soon as possible after opening the lid.
    The ideal storage temperature is 20° Celsius.

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