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What is Polyurethane Paint?

Polyurethane paint is a chemical combination between a polyol resin, which is often referred to as “part A” or the base material, and a complementary material called poly-isocyanate, which is referred to as “part B” or the base material. 

These are structurally completely different from other construction paints because they have extremely high molecular weight.

This property causes polyurethane polymers to create a durable and hard covering layer, which makes them resistant to adverse environmental conditions, including heavy storm winds and direct sunlight.

But after applying the polyurethane paint on the surface, they are very shiny and beautiful, which have very high compatibility and harmony with the environment.

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These paints are also self-cleaning so that if there is dust or dirt on them, it will not absorb them in any way, and with a gust of wind or light rain, all of them will be removed from the top surface. 

On the other hand, you can wash the surface of these types of paints with different detergents, so polyurethane paints are the best option for a wide range of different substrates.

how to make it?

Polyurethane is a type of polymer. These polymers are made in a long repeating chain of small molecules called monomers.

To produce this type of polymer, it is necessary to mix two compounds of isocyanate and diol. 

The material obtained from this combination is usually indestructible and resistant to scratches and stretching.

Polyurethane is often made in three forms: solid, liquid, and foam.

Why polyurethane paint?

Polyurethane paint is used for coating in both architectural and industrial fields.

This paint is usually placed as final or secondary coatings on some primers or initial coatings to create a consistent and very stable composition. Of course, you can use them on steel beds as well as concrete surfaces.

General characteristics of Hisense polyurethane paint:

  1. After use, the polyurethane paint creates a very glossy surface that cannot be affected by the passage of time.
  2. They are resistant to wear and all processes caused by high friction and do not peel off in any way.
  3. These paints have unique durability against ultraviolet rays and can maintain their structure in diverse weather environments.
  4. Polyurethane paint can withstand a wide range of temperature changes so, in industrial areas and centers, this range can fluctuate between 30 degrees below zero and up to 110 degrees above zero.
  5. In terms of contact with chemicals that are mildly corrosive and eventually cause the destruction of the paint structure, they are completely resistant and do not have any reaction with some solvent substances.
  6. They can be recoated after the surface is fully prepared. However, they do not need to remove the primary layers and perform the sanding process in a wide and deep way.

Applications of polyurethane paint:

1- Floor Covering:

Polyurethane flooring has the ability to be used on all floor levels in different situations such as commercial complexes and industrial factories. Also, bowling alleys are the most ideal areas for using polyurethane paint on the floor.

2- The Aerospace Industry:

Polyurethane paint is used to cover some parts of the aircraft and its internal structures, which will increase the lifespan and most importantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing surfaces.

3- Mechanical Equipment in Industry:

Hisense Polyurethane Paint provides all the features based on increasing the stability of surfaces in the best way.

4- Shipbuilding Industries:

Polyurethane paint is used to insulate and seal the body of marine structures. Therefore, with this type of coating, all destructive processes caused by corrosion caused by high humidity will be neutralized.

5- Pipelines:

Polyurethane paint coating is widely used to protect oil and gas pipelines in some cases.

A very large number of these pipes are underwater, and due to the high pressure and the very harsh and destructive environment, polyurethanes will be the best option.

6- Metal Roofs:

Polyurethane paint has the ability to increase the durability and lifespan of metal roofs compared to acrylic paint. Because it will actually save a lot in operations related to maintenance.

7- Covering wind Turbines:

Polyurethane paint is used to paint the blades of turbines as well as their bases, therefore, in such projects, the protection of machinery can increase the energy efficiency of the complex.




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    Polyurethane Paint

    It is produced based on polyurethane resin and is a two-part product. This paint is highly resistant to sunlight and acid rain.

    Due to its high resistance to moisture, and its good adhesion on different surfaces, it is a suitable option for covering the final layer of surfaces.

    Polyurethane is a strong and durable varnish. The small chains in the resin molecule form a strong bond after drying. This strong bond creates a coating that is highly resistant to impact and solvents.

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