Yellow Iron Oxide Pigment

What Is Yellow Iron Oxide Powder

Yellow iron oxide powder, also known as yellow ocher, is a type of yellow pigment obtained from natural iron oxide minerals. Due to their color stability, durability, and non-toxic nature, iron oxide pigments are commonly used in various industries including paint, coatings, construction, and art.

Key features of yellow iron oxide powder

  • Color: As the name suggests, mush mud pigment creates a yellow color. The amount and tint of yellow color can be different depending on the source and processing of iron oxide.
  • Composition: Iron oxide pigments are composed of iron and oxygen. The yellow color is influenced by the oxidation state of iron.
  • Natural source: This pigment can be obtained from natural deposits of iron ore. Color changes may occur based on impurities in the ore.
  • Non-toxic and stable: Yellow iron oxide powder is generally considered non-toxic and is known to be stable in various environmental conditions.


1- Colors and coatings

Yellow iron oxide powder is widely used as a pigment in paints and coatings for various applications including architectural coatings, industrial coatings, and art paints.

2- Construction

This powder is used in construction materials such as concrete, mortar, and plaster to create color and increase visual appeal.

3- Plastic and rubber

Mush mud pigments are used in coloring plastics and rubber products.

4- Cosmetics

In some cases, iron oxide powder is used in cosmetics and personal care products.

It is important to note that iron oxide pigments are available in different colors (red, yellow, brown, and black) and their use can be different accordingly. The choice of iron oxide powder depends on the desired color, functional characteristics, and desired application in different industries.

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    Yellow Iron Oxide Powder (Mush Mud pigment)

    This powder is produced from a kind of yellow iron oxide, which is known as Mush Mud or limonite powder in the industry.
    Among Yellow Iron Oxide features, the following can be mentioned:

    • It dissolves slowly in HCL.
    • It turns into limonite by losing water.
    • It has an iron III atom.
    • It has no magnetic properties and crystallizes in the orthorhombic system.

    Mush mud pigment has various uses in various industries, including the following:

    • In the paint and dye industries as a pigment
    • Production of colored home flooring
    • Production of prefabricated concrete
    • Production of colored bricks
    • Production of asphalt and colored asphalt
    • In art and painting
    • Use in plastic resin compounds
    • Production of all kinds of ceramics and colored ceramics
    • Production of all kinds of building materials
    • Production of all kinds of ink
    • Production of all kinds of colored cement blocks
    • For use in concrete washing

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