Polyvinyl Alcohol 2488 (PVA)

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    Polyvinyl Alcohol 2488 (PVA)

    This material is a synthetic polymer that is colorless, odorless, and water-soluble. It is usually supplied as a powder, granules, or pellets, or sometimes as a solution in water.
    It is a non-toxic, biodegradable polymer, and products that contain PVA are safe to use and safe to consume. The Environmental Working Group rated it as a low-hazard ingredient in cosmetics, and the Food and Drug Administration has approved it for use in food packaging and pharmaceutical applications.
    Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is of very high quality and is supplied in 20 kg packages.

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    1. Michaeil

      please send me the price and sending ways

      • arefen_administrator2

        My colleagues are sending Polyvinyl Alcohol prices by email

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