Transparent Slime Glue (18%)

Transparent Slime Glue; Non-Toxic and Safe

Slime is a gooey, soft, pliable substance that is usually made from a mixture of non-toxic glue, water, and boric acid. The physical state of slime is between solid and liquid, but it is closer to the solid state.

Slime was made for the first time in 1976 using guar gum. Guar gum is also used in the cosmetics and health industries.

Since then, slimes have become more glamorous and we see attractive videos of them on social media. 
Currently, one of the trending entertainment is slime.

Child is playing with yellow slime


Slime glue has been used in the past. This type of glue dates back to the early 20th century. It is first prepared from synthetic polymers.

In 1920, Hermann Stadinger proposed his model, which was long chain molecules of polymers. This model laid the foundation for the modern understanding of polymer science.

Then, in 1930, Stadinger’s model led to the further expansion of the use of synthetic polymers. In the same year, manufacturers produced a polymer material called slime glue.

This type of glue is used for children’s play.

What is Slime?

Slime is something like play dough but softer, more flexible, and in all types of colors and shapes. Transparent polyvinyl alcohol glue is used to make slime.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a polyhydroxy polymer that is the largest volume of water-soluble synthetic resin produced in the world.

Slime glue, also known as PVA wood glue, is one of the best types of glue to use when making slime. It is a polymer substance that is made up of long chains of molecules that repeat.

When borate ions, which are found in common slime activators like borax, are added to the glue, they help link the molecules together, creating a stretchy and elastic substance.

Using the right amount of glue is important, as too much can make the slime stiff, while too little can make it too stretchy.

Making slime with glue is a fun and educational activity that can teach kids about science principles like viscosity, polymers, and chemical reactions.

This substance is commercially produced from the hydrolysis of polyvinyl acetate because vinyl alcohol monomer cannot be converted into polyvinyl alcohol with a high degree of purity and hydrolysis.

Polyvinyl alcohol is only soluble in highly polar solvents such as water, dimethyl sulfoxide, acetamide, glycol, and dimethyl formamide.

The amount of solubility in water depends on the degree of polymerization (DP) and the amount of polyvinyl alcohol hydrolysis.

Polyvinyl alcohol is used in the adhesive industry alone or with other extenders such as starch, dextrin, or clay.

The higher the proportion of polyvinyl alcohol in the formula, the better the adhesive strength and water resistance of the final product.
Slimes made with PVA are known as commercial slimes and are the same products that are sold in toy stores.

transparent slime glue on woman hand produced by Aref Chemical


Slime glue has high durability and resistance. By using this type of glue and adding borax and your desired color, you can make different types of slime gel.

Among the different types of slime gel, we can mention wreath, galaxy, puffy, water slime, etc. Usually, this type of glue is sold in 10 and 20-kilo gallons.

The price of this type of glue is very reasonable considering its efficiency. To know the daily price of slime glue, you can contact the experts in the sales department.

Storage conditions:

Slime glue can be stored at a temperature of 5 to 45 degrees Celsius for one year. This polymer material should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

This material should also be protected from freezing. Be sure to close the lid of the product after use. This prevents the glue from deteriorating.

By observing the maintenance conditions, you can increase the life of the glue.

Note that:

Transparent slime glue made of PVA is completely non-toxic and safe and does not pose any health risks.

This material is also used in the food packaging industry due to its non-toxicity.



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    Transparent Slime Glue

    Aref Chemical is a producer of all types of glue in Iran. We decided to prepare and market glues for making slime with the best raw materials.
    Slime glue is prepared from the best raw materials with a completely natural structure, safe and washable, and without the use of allergenic substances for children.
    One of the properties of this glue is its high durability and high tensile strength.
    The packaging of all adhesives produced by Aref Chemical has an opening that can be easily used. 

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    1. raddin

      I heard slime has some issue for children. Are you sure it is safe?

      • arefen_administrator2

        If you use PVA on transparent slime glue, that’s completely safe.

    2. Selina

      How can we use it on home?

    3. Steve

      Is slime glue safe for kids?

      • arefen_administrator2

        Yes, slime glue is completely safe and hygienic and does not pose any danger to children

    4. Arman

      Is this slime glue your product or you just sell this?

      • arefen_administrator2

        It’s our special product

    5. John Anderson

      I used this slime glue. It has very high viscosity and quality

    6. Hoda

      What’s the difference between 18% and other percentages?

      • arefen_administrator2

        The difference depends on the application of each of them

    7. Michel

      Slime transparent refers to a type of slime that has a clear or transparent appearance. It’s usually made from a mixture of glue, water, borax or contact lens solution and food color (if you want to add some color to it). To achieve the transparent texture, you can add clear glue instead of the white one. You can also add various types of glitter, sequins or beads to create a fun and visually appealing texture. Transparent slime is great for sensory play and can be used in various activities for both kids and adults.

    8. Mandokik

      I think you are sure about your product safety more than real.

      • arefen_administrator2

        Be sure that our product (transparent slime glue) is completely safe for children and everyone

    9. Cristian

      I think it is not fully safe for childs

      • arefen_administrator2

        We are sure that this product (slime glue) is completely safe for children. We are ready to debate about this.

    10. Tom

      I want this slime glue to make slime for childs.
      How can we order?

      • arefen_administrator2

        Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible. Check your email

    11. Enriche

      How much is your transparent slime glue?

      • arefen_administrator2

        Our colleagues sent the product catalog and price list via e-mail. please check

    12. david

      It’s a chemical product. So I think it is not safe for kids.

      • arefen_administrator2

        We guarantee that slime transparent glue does not have the slightest harm to children

    13. Nahid

      A good article about slime glue. Thanks

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