Momtaz Wood Glue

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    Momtaz wood glue

    Is one of the materials used in the wood industry. It is made on the basis of PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol is a synthetic polymer derived from polyvinyl acetate through partial or full hydroxylation) and is used for carpentry, furniture making, etc.

    Momtaz wood glue is a milky substance that is used for gluing and has more strength in wooden joints.

    This material has a high concentration and its function is like cement material between bricks.

    You can connect two pieces of wood with a strong and unbreakable connection by using Momtaz wood glue. In this way, if you want to separate the two pieces after the Momtaz wood adhesive has dried, you will have no choice but to break the wood.

    The packaging of all adhesives produced by Aref Chemical has an opening that can be easily used.



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    1. Abu Mohammad

      How can I order? Do you export to Iraq?

    2. Petrov

      please explain more about this product.

    3. Abu Hassan

      momtaz wood glue. Nice quality

      • arefen_administrator2


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