The Global price of titanium dioxide (TiO2)

The Global Price of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Increased!

The Global price of titanium dioxide (TiO2)

The global price of titanium dioxide increased.

Titanium Dioxide – which is undoubtedly the most important pigment in the world – unlike most Chinese products which have recently experienced price reductions, has experienced price growth for the second time in a month.
LumonBillions Company increased the price of titanium to 100 USD per ton from August 24, 2023. It seems that other companies producing titanium dioxide will soon follow this price increase.
During the last two years after the end of Covid-19, this strategic product has faced several price reductions. But this is the second time in a month that we have seen an increase of $100 in the price of this product.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

What is titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a natural compound commonly used as a white pigment in a wide variety of products. It is found naturally in various minerals. But titanium is often extracted from ilmenite and rutile ore. This material has a bright white color and excellent light-scattering properties. This unique property makes this material a popular choice for adding brightness and transparency to a variety of colors and pigments. The global price of titanium dioxide has increased for this reason.


Applications of titanium dioxide:

Some of the common uses of titanium dioxide are:

  • Paints and Coatings: TiO2 is a key ingredient in many paints, coatings, and varnishes due to its ability to produce excellent whiteness and transparency. Titanium helps these products effectively cover surfaces and resist sunlight.
  • Cosmetics and personal care: It is often used in cosmetics such as powders, sunscreens, lipsticks, and lotions to create a smooth and transparent texture. It also helps to reflect and scatter UV rays, making it an effective sunscreen.
  • Food and pharmaceuticals: Titanium dioxide is approved for use as a food additive and is labeled as E171 in Europe. This substance is used to add whiteness and brightness to products such as candy, chewing gum, white sauce, and medicinal tablets.
  • Plastics and polymers: In plastic and polymer industries, titanium dioxide is used to increase the transparency, brightness, and color stability of products such as PVC pipes, cables, and raw materials of packaging industries.
  • Ink and paper: This substance is used in inks, papers, and printing materials to improve the quality and transparency of printing.
  • Ceramics:  TiO2 is used in ceramics to improve the transparency, color, and strength of various ceramic products.
  • Photocatalysts: Titanium has photocatalytic properties, meaning it can speed up certain chemical reactions when exposed to light. This property leads to applications in self-cleaning surfaces, air, and water purification, and even as a potential component in solar cells.

With the increase in The global price of titanium dioxide, the raw materials of these industries have also increased in price.

Application of Titanium Dioxide in Paint and Pigments

Application of Titanium Dioxide in Paint and Pigments:

TiO2 is one of the most important and widely used pigments in the paint and coating industry. The unique properties of this natural pigment make it the preferred choice for achieving the desired color, darkness, and durability in various color and pigment formulations.

The Role of TiO2 in Paint and Pigment Industries

  • Clarity and whiteness:  TiO2 is known for its exceptional clarity and whiteness. It effectively covers the substrate and provides a solid base for the application of color pigments. This feature is very important for achieving vivid and consistent colors, especially on dark or uneven surfaces.
  • Hiding power: Titan pigment helps effectively in hiding the texture of the substrate on which the color is applied. Titanium dioxide is an essential ingredient in paints to cover defects, stains, and previous paint layers. The global price of titanium dioxide is increasing in 2023.
  • UV resistance: Titanium dioxide reflects and scatters ultraviolet (UV) light. Also, with this light, titanium becomes a valuable addition to exterior paints and coatings.
  • Color stability: When titanium dioxide is used with other pigments, it can increase the stability of colors by minimizing discoloration due to exposure to light, heat, and other environmental factors.
  • Durability: Titanium-containing paints are more durable and durable against chemical and environmental degradation. This is especially important for outdoor applications that are exposed to harsher weather conditions.
  • Film Adhesion and Integrity:  TiO2 contributes to the overall adhesion and integrity of the paint layer and results in a good, cohesive paint layer.
  • Interior and exterior paints: This product protects exterior colors from air, ultraviolet rays, and environmental pollutants. In the interior colors, Titan provides an excellent, transparent coating and a clean and bright appearance.

The formulation of titanium dioxide

Formulation of Titanium Dioxide:

Titanium dioxide can be used in various paint formulations, including water-based, oil-based, and solvent-based paints. Also, titanium dioxide can be used in all kinds of primers, topcoats, glazes, and specialized paints. This formulation has increased the popularity, efficiency, and consequently The global price of titanium dioxide.

Environmental Considerations:

Some formulations of TiO2 in paints include nanoparticles that can aid in the self-cleaning properties of the paint by breaking down organic matter on the surface when exposed to UV light. This property leads to the development of “self-cleaning” paints for specific applications.

The amount of titanium dioxide used in the paint formulation varies depending on the desired properties, performance requirements, and technical considerations.

It is worth noting that there have been concerns about the safety of TiO2 nanoparticles in certain applications, especially in food and cosmetics. These concerns lead to regulatory assessments and discussions about their potential impact on human health and the environment.

In general, TiO2 is a versatile and widely used compound that plays a significant role in various industries due to its excellent pigment and optical properties. The global price of titanium dioxide fluctuates and despite a significant decrease in the last two years, it has recently seen an increase in price.

How to Buy Titanium Dioxide?

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The Global price of titanium dioxide

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